Boost Your WiFi Range With A Beer Can

wikiHow posted a neat little article on how to make a WiFi booster with a beer can. It basically involves cutting the can open into a radar shape and placing it over the router antenna. The article can be found HERE

wikiHow has many helpful and interesting articles, check the site out!

Internet Explorer 9 hammers rivals in download blocking test

According to Avast Software, a survey of 600K Windows based systems has shown that the number Windows XP infected with rootkits is out of proportion to the OS’s market share. The majority of these infections are on XP systems running Service Pack 2 (SP2) or earlier. Microsoft stopped supporting SP2 with security patches over a year ago, leaving them vulnerable to many different types of viruses and malware. SP3 is still supported and has a higher level of security. The original article can be found here.

If you are running SP2 or want to ensure your system is secure then contact us and we can thoroughly go over your system and make sure it has all the current patches installed!

TechWorld Article

[pullquote cite=””]The in-house reputation system used in Internet Explorer 8 and 9 is markedly superior at blocking social-engineering attacks than the Google equivalent used by Chrome, Firefox, Apple’s Safari, an independent test by NSS Labs has found.[/pullquote]

Minnesota Wi-Fi hacker gets 18 years in prison for terrorizing neighbors

Is your home WiFi secure?  Call us and we can verify/setup your home network security to keep people like this out:

[pullquote cite=””]Minnesota hacker Barry Ardolf was sentenced to an 18-year term in a federal prison this Tuesday. Ardolf had terrorized a neighboring family for two years through a carefully planned campaign involving a hijacked Wi-Fi network to harass, frame and embarrass the next-door neighbors in every facet of their lives.[/pullquote]

Article on Yahoo News

9 Confessions Of A Former Geek Squad Geek

Some inside info on exactly how bad Geek Squad service can be.  SpeedWise offers outstanding professional service with over 13 years of experience!  Article from The Consumerist

[pullquote cite=””]1. A high percentage of Geek Squad employees lack basic troubleshooting skills such as correctly identifying malfunctioning components. This stems from inadequate and outdated training materials, such as the Best Buy Learning Lounge.[/pullquote]