Is It Worth It? Laptop Repair Denver & Boulder

Over the past couple years the average price for a new laptop has been dropping. With these lower costs, it brings up the question of “repair or replace” when your laptop breaks. There are a couple of factors to take into consideration when making a decision on how to proceed.

A new laptop can cost from $250 on the low-end, up to $1600 on the high-end. Most common individual physical laptop repairs cost between one to two hundred dollars. This includes fixing screens, keyboards, disk drives, and power issues. Software repairs average around the same price point unless major data recovery is needed. If your laptop is suffering from an individual issue then repair is probably the direction to take. However, if the system has multiple hardware issues then purchasing a new computer might make more sense. If the issues are all software related then having the operating system restored to how it was then you got it new is most likely the way to go.

If you decide repairs are not cost-effective and want to get a new system or have your operating system reinstalled, then be sure to keep in mind that your data and programs will not be on the new system. Everything you are used to and comfortable with will need to be transferred over and setup again to your liking.

Here at SpeedWise, we offer solutions to all your laptop issue and needs. We can fix your hardware and software issues, reload your operating system, help purchase a new laptop, and transfer your data from one system to another. SpeedWise Laptop repair Denver and Boulder