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Teaming Up With

SpeedWise has teamed up with to reach more people in need of computer repair and support services.  We are constantly looking for the best methods to help people in need locate our services. You can call us directly for laptop repair in Denver, data recovery services, or any other computer related issue or need. […]

Today Is Cyber Monday, Be Sure To Shop Safely

Today is the Monday after Thanksgiving, a large online shopping day that has been named “Cyber Monday”. Many great deals can be found, but there are also quite a few scams trying to snare unsuspecting shoppers. PCWorld has posted a quick guide to help ensure a better and safer experience:  5 Tips To Shop Safe On […]

Happy Birthday Windows XP – Time To Upgrade?

Ten years ago today, Microsoft released Windows XP. Its popularity and use has recently declined with the release on Windows 7, but is still the many people’s favorite operating system. Microsoft has been busy trying to end support for XP, but its user base is still fairly large. The decade old OS is becoming more and […]

U.S. Drone Fleet Infected With Computer Virus

America’s Predator and Reaper drones have been infected with a computer virus.  So far all that is publicly known is that the malware is logging the pilots keystrokes as they fly missions.  Removal attempts have failed, as the soon virus returns. There is speculation that it is not malicious and could be a variation of […]

Sony Sends 7 Broken Computers To Man After He Requests PC Repair

Here is a short story about a guy who requested some PC repair from Sony, and instead they shipped him 7 other peoples broken computers! LINK For your local Denver computer repair needs, contact us and we can get you taken care of…without sending you broken PC’s  🙂